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Article for December 2016

Participation in core team at the introduction of SAP WM in a company in the field of electrical Engineering

author: Manfred Guldner


Our customer is a well-known and successful electrical engineering company. They innovate and produce technically leading-edge products.

At one of the company’s locations, in control cabinet construction, control elements and electrical components, the integration is carried out on a warehouse-controlled SAP-LVS system. Responsible for its operation is a small core team. Within 6 weeks, the project was comprehensively planned. The storage space management system has been prepared, documented and the processes implemented and trained.

Initial starting point:
Zahnrad- Poor and inefficient utilization of storage areas – much unused space in storage areas
Zahnrad- Lacking predefined storage space allocation
Zahnrad- Unreliable inventory
Zahnrad- Highly time consuming search effort when commissioning
Zahnrad- Unclear processes and missing standards

The storage areas with the adjacent functions of goods receipt and assembly supply had to be prepared for changeover.

The physical system transition during „Go live“ had to be planned in detail; maximum time allowed for Friday, the weekend and Monday. After that routine operation was reinitiated.

An algorithm was developed for the distribution of goods within designated storage areas. This allows a flexible storage system of KLTs of different sizes, similar to the storage process of lattice boxes and flat pallets with frames at different heights.

Processes in TARGET were documented and trained, supported by a test system in SAP. Warehouse planning had to be developed, defined and programmed into SAP. The shelves had to be adjusted to the new necessary heights after clearing the shelves during “Go live”. The reallocation of goods within their new designated storage spaces was used to do a complete inventory. This was a crucial part of the transformation process as the stock counts have to be accurate for the successful implementation of the new logistical process.

By switching to the SAP-WM process the logistical efficiency of this company could be maximized and stock stability could be significantly increased. Mr. Guldner guided and supported the complete transformation process from start to training and coaching for several months.















before                                –                afterwards

(Photo: Manfred Guldner, Ingenierubüro Gerth)

Articles for December 2015

At the end of 2015 and the future prospects for 2016


The year 2015 goes to the end and we want to give You a short view to the Weihnachtsmannactivities of the 2015.

We deal with the upgrowth in 2014 quite fine and we assimilate our administration in 2015. We made a new website and implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our new product „Quick Check“ has different key aspects and we got several new clients. At this point we will inform You in this newsletter regularly about new projects.

Our self developed databank for processes got a new release. We document the changes in a new handbook.

In 2016 we plan to use new or advanced programs of presentation tools and computer animation.

At the february 2016 I will do a lecture in the Mittagsakademie at the Kompetenznetzwerk Heilbronn about Logistics 4.0 whish and reality. You will get an invitation if You give an Email to us.

From 8. to of March 2016 the fair of Logistics named Logimat we will present our activities in hall 1 at the stand with the number 1_J55 together with Alkyone Consulting.

In July our company has birthday 20 years. We will give You a bit more information in the next newsletter.

We’re going to wish You and Your familiy merry Christmas und a good start in a healthy and sucessfully New Year. As every Year we give a donation to a social institution.

Project „Quick Check“ Structure Planning of a plant at an automotive supplier

author: Wolf-Michael Gerth


The areas at this plant should be developed under defined guidelines. The plant will do this for several scenarios. The target is a decision memo fort the management. We should work with the excisting builings as well as with new buildings.

The business will take from the planning till the realisation and the implementation of each projects, which should be not yet defined. It is also necessary that the plant need tools to develop the planned materialflow and areas for the future.
Starting this complex and large project we come forward with a proposal:

Zahnrad- „technical Quick Check“ of the materialflow
Zahnrad- Definition of optimising advices in a To Do List
Zahnrad- Workshops for defining versions for layout, technical equipment and   implementation
Zahnrad- Evaluation of the different versions from the workshop

The project was done together with an architecture Office.

Quick Check 2


Topics of the „Quick Check“:

Zahnrad- Intensive walkaround in the logistic area with an Journal
Zahnrad- Definition of the  determining factors for each area
Zahnrad- Analyse oft he activities
Zahnrad- Calculation of the database
Zahnrad- Calculation oft he capacities for inbound, production and outbound
Zahnrad- Sharepoint Internet for communication and datatransfer
Zahnrad- Cooperation of the client in the process databank proplanzeit+
Zahnrad- Creation a To Do List with possible potentials
Zahnrad- Preparation of overviews of materialflow for each area
Zahnrad- Building of bottleneck analysis for a defined growth


The results oft he „Quick Check“ are the basis fort he further on planning oft he plant. At this base we will do a workshop with the management and the architect office with the following items:

Zahnrad- Building a characteristic factor for the deliver of the clients.
Zahnrad- In which direction will go the development oft he products
Zahnrad- With which elements will develop the client his business (Servicegrad)
Zahnrad- How the client will do his productplanning in the future
Zahnrad- Where is the best area for the new centre of logistics


SAP – EWM practical experience in a distribution center

author: Thomas Welsch


Our Customer is a renowned and worldwide successful company in the market segment of medicinal technology. Technical and business market leadership for many products is given.

The new distribution center opened in 2013, consolidating all distribution and product supply activities. Main targets were optimized supply of all production units and major improvements in delivery on time to the customer base. Due to the fact that the company managed different decentralized warehouses, lack of needed storage space, insufficient processes and based on the 2 digit growth of the company it had been essential to reorganize logistics with a new central distribution center.

Parallel to the setup of the new distribution center SAP-EWM was implemented. SAP-EWM will support all processes according to material and information flow. There are 4 Types of Handling units in place. 2 sizes of plastic container (one type can be divided into 2 or 4 chambers), pallets and special container for hazardous materials. Every Handling Unit is labeled with a unique Handling Unit number. There are also temporary Handling Unit Numbers for identification. After end of Usage they are neutralized. In the system and can be reused for the next temporary process step. The Warehouse structure contains several pallet racks with app. 7.000 places, an automatic small-parts warehouse with app. 100.000 places and non-automatic small-parts storage locations with app. 8.000 places.

Inventory count in the automatic small-parts warehouse will be done by using a sequential test process supported by 3rd party software. In all other storage locations a perpetual inventory procedure is in place.

Most of the booking processes on the shop floor are supported by mobile data entry devices to optimize information flow according to material flow. To improve and secure a high level of inventory quality several processes are in place like zero count, container empty confirmation, quantity deviation confirmation. Interface between SAP-EWM and material flow computer for the automatic systems is working well and with a minimum of disruptions.

As a result implementation and use of SAP-EWM was a success story. With SAP-EWM efficiency, inventory and delivery on time as the most important key values could be significantly improved. It also supports increase of business volume, complexity and growth for the next years to come.

Bild Lager

Articles for Newsletter, August / September 2015

Why this newsletter?

author: Wolf-Michael Gerth


For all customers and anyone who is interested in our portfolio. For all old and new customers we want to provide latest news with this newsletter.

Ingenieurbüro Gerth GmbH, founded in 1996, is an independent consulting and planning company for logistics and process management.

As an innovative and quality-oriented engineering company, we analyze Your business processes together with Your Teams and optimize them. With our web-based database proplanzeit+, we will provide You with our central tool to support our core competencies. This will help to get the most efficient development and optimization of Your processes .

With best in class lean management methods, we are innovative in:
– set up of material flow processes in logistics and between logistics and assembly/production
– prozesses between logistics providers and their customers
– prozesses in administration

We support you to realize your visions and to achieve your goals.

In recent years, we have increasingly gain new customers and managed many new Projects with our existing customer base . To increase our business and in addressing our portfolio to new potential customers we now take a brand new approach to provide you with interesting information.

To this end we have introduced customer relationship management (CRM). Thomas Welsch, Senior Project manager, is responsible for customers in Western Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland Palatinate and in some key accounts. Lisa Brucker, CAD specialist and Project assistant, manages  the CRM-system and will always be your first contact.

We invite you to visit our totally revised website:

Every 3 months we will share interesting updates and information about  new products, working methods and our successful projects.

On 1st. May this year our son Maximilian Brucker has started as a Bachelor of Technical Logistics Management as a project engineer in our company. We wish him every success in his new endeavors.

Bachelor Thesis : Development of standardized processes for production / assembly supply

author: Maximilian Brucker


The increasing demands on processes of a company in terms of responsible management of resources brings logistics planning more and more into the focus. Time and material -wasting processes should be completely avoided or significantly reduced and standardized processes should be integrated into the company´s process and value stream map. Considering these factors, the thesis dealt with the analysis of material flow and the development of standardized processes for production / assembly supply

What demands were made:

Zahnrad- flexibility
Zahnrad- short lead times
Zahnrad- overview of material availability
Zahnrad- reliability in material supply


What objectives have been achieved or are currently in the realization

Zahnrad- variable supply of production through use of carriage assembly and introduction of flexible assembly lines (multiple product types can be assembled/fitted on a line)
Zahnrad- Elimination of waste -> cycle time reduction
Zahnrad- treatment of material master data has been started
Zahnrad- introduction of carts for “one- piece-flow ” production

Process analysis by ” Quick Check ” method

author: team Ingenieurbüro Gerth


Our exclusive proudct “Quick Check” – allows a quick overview of the processes of a certain part of the company e.g. incoming googds or material flow. This is a basis for further analysis and investigation.

Quick Check Approach

Quick Check 2


To this end, we have standardized “Quick Check” modules with benchmark values ​​in proplanzeit+ ©.

This gives us:

Zahnrad- fast results
Zahnrad- high reliability
Zahnrad- good result accuracy (98 %)
Zahnrad- reduced effort (time, cost)

Our approach :

Zahnrad- detailled tour of the facility with protocol of as Is situation and findings
Zahnrad- definition of factors
Zahnrad- business analysis
Zahnrad- data
Zahnrad- calculation of  necessary capacity in the main processes
Zahnrad- establish SharePoint Internet to exchange data and files
Zahnrad- access to proplanzeit+
Zahnrad- To-Do-list with the first impression of ratio potentails


Typical effort for a quick check process analysis are 5 working days

1 day
Zahnrad- Commission with “pacing” of the processes
Zahnrad- Discussion of data Provision
Zahnrad- data collection

day 2
Zahnrad- data collection
Zahnrad- Discussion, how to deal with missing data

3rd / 4th day
Zahnrad- analysis of data with Proplanzeit+

day 5
Zahnrad- presentation of first results
Zahnrad- imagine further observations
Zahnrad- specify how to proceed

Particular topics may also be carried out 1 to 2 day Quick Check process analysis.

Budget for a Quick Check process analysis:
fixed price of 6.000 €
Additional cost:
Travel costs 50 cents / km for travel by car.
By using other kind of transport refund on verification.
All prices are exclusive current VAT of currently 19%.

This approach we used beginning in January 2014 in several projects successfully. References can be found on our website.