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Proplanzeit+© is a proprietary Data Base. It is the basis for process analysis and optimization.


Self-developed process planning tool

Zahnrad- in maturity proven in more than 700 projects
– stability of database
– data security

Easy to use

Zahnrad- complex and large Projects can be displayed (by own staff)
– enormous time savings
– high degree of flexibility in response to changing process flows

Creating capacity models

Zahnrad- Direct overview of, e.g. bottlenecks in production supply
– real time recalculation in response to changing parameters

Planning of all material flow processes

Zahnrad- quick Information for all material flows
– each time informative in revised scale production for
– adaptable to scaled volumes

Setup of billing systems

Zahnrad- transparent and comprehensive for its customers
Zahnrad- each time an audit proof user concept
– high savings in cost and time

Calculation of required space and resources

Zahnrad- overview of area capacities and resource requirements at anytime
Zahnrad- effects of changes immediately visible
– significant cost and time savings

Significant reports

Zahnrad- diverse evaluation functions of projects by Excel exports
–  detailed overview of all processes, activities and resources each time

Best practice project handling