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Lean Logistics

Application of lean – methods in material flow / logistics

Planning and implementation of:

– Milk run systems
– KANBAN systems
– design of shopping carts for manufacturing and assembly
– systems for „One–Piece–Flow“
– packing and unpacking equipment

Zahnrad- integration of storage systems in assembly and production areas
Zahnrad- delivery concepts of suppliers on assembly
Zahnrad- C Part Management concepts

KPI – systems

Zahnrad- development and implementation of performance measurement systems
– process driven
– driven by material flow
– stock level (inventory)
– cut – off – time / lead time / delivery on time
– capacity and use of areas
– billing model based KPIs

Supply and disposal systems

Zahnrad- development and implementation of:
– supermarket
– C Parts Management
– cart-cash systems
– milk run
– direct links logistics – installation (partially or fully automated systems)
– adaptation of existing material flows